Making tool box in dt maker space

I made a tool box with long piece of wood.First: I cutted 6 pieces of wood from there and 1 piece of dowel, which will be handle part of tool box.

After sanding all pieces, I glued 12.5 piece together. 

I learned that I need to leave a pieces for at least 1 day or so, after gluing.

After I glued those pieces together, I cutted that piece to made it trapezoid.

After that, I smoothed the surfaces by using a sandpaper, so it will fit in to shape of the toolbox.

I needed to sand more than I thought.

The hardest part was to cut the small piece out of a wooden boards, because almost all of pieces break into half pieces when I add too much force to saw.

After that, I added nail to keep pieces together.

Next time I make the tool box, I will be aware of the nail without head.