Short tempered murder, who fails book review of “The word is murder”

Short tempered murder, who fails

                                                                                                          According to Education tomorrow, people nowadays are becoming under thinkers.

There are many reasons why, and one of the biggest reasons is use of technologies.

When the scientist took IQ test data from 1970 to 2009 and compared by years, they found out that people are becoming unintelligent every year.


In the book “The word is murder” by Anthony Horowitz, there is a character called Cornwallis, working as an undertaker. He represents how short tempered/ underthinker people became these days. When he was young, he wanted to be an actor, but his family wanted him to be an undertaker, because his father was. This isn’t fair since people should have right on what jobs to take, but since undertaker is well known for family business (meaning the job will be passed from the parents to their children.)

As Cornwallis said on page 344-355, This character dreamed to be an actor, not undertaker. But he was framed by his rival, and therefore he wasn’t able to become an actor. Instead, he became an undertaker. As you can imagine, he got really frustrated and plans a revenge on that rival he hates, and success to revenge on the rival many years later. This book is all about his revenge and how the main character solves the problem. But by how author wrote about him, I feel like that the author is trying to tell that nowadays, people become short tempered and more of underthinker.

I say so, because he is risking his life on the revenge. You might say he is a deep thinker because he plans all of the revenge and the murder he does to get to the rival, but all of this, he is risking his entire  life. Just living as an undertaker, forgetting about his rival and the past, I would say, is the best way to live he could have chosen. At end of the book (page 256) he gets arrested.

He kept thinking about his rival who he hates all his life, wasting his time. When Cornwallis talked about himself in front of the main character, he used simple words which even elementary schoolers could understand.

The 3rd example of Cornwallis being underthinker is when he committed suicide because he noticed that his plan is over because police found out. On page 355, the main character explained Cornwallis’ face as gleeful and triumphant. Maybe at that moment, he was gleeful and wanted nothing more because he did kill the rival he hated, but if he lived, he could have done many more things. In other words, he wasted the rest of his life.

When there were no technology such as smartphones and computer, people say that people had longer concentration. But as people started using social media’s and short term concentration-needed activities, less people has long term concentrations.

This might be just me reading too much between lines, but I believe that looking at the character Cornwallis; who spent all his life on one frivolous revenge, this book is about how people became underthinker nowadays with all the kind of useful technologies, warning us how we should care about too much use of technologies.

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