How people look at me

I was walking to my working space. I realized the big water drops on my face, and my body. I didn’t really care about rain or maybe I should say I was too tired to care about my shirts and all the clothes I had on. As I walked on the lid of long bridge I felt cold, icy, and sharp things on my back. I turned my head around and realised that people were staring at me, but not just staring. They were looking at me like something dirty. I knew I was dirty all over from top of my toe to the top of my head, where the hair divides up, but didn’t expect everyone to look at me. I only used this bridge sometime because the men in black coat stopped me, but somehow today I was able to go. Just didn’t expected those sharp looks, which are stabbing my back. That day, I didn’t work well and my boss got really mad at me. I even felt like he is giving me the same look as people on the bridge gave me, even though I knew that he can be a good person and how much he hate me, he can’t give people a look like that.

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