How people look at me 2

I was on the way to my job, when I saw a boy in the white shirts. I saw him turning his head around many and many times and his face looked so pale, probably he was lost or something like that. I just felt like talking to him, and so I did. When I tapped him on his shoulder, I realised that his skin is white as paper, paper without anything on it, at the moment I knew that he is wealthy. Wealthy kids has white skin and that’s because they are wealthy enough to not work outside. When I noticed the boy turning his head to me slowly, my shoes were ready to run, and so as my legs. I knew that poor people are not allowed to talk to wealthy people. When we do, wealthy people usually hit us and no one says anything bad about that. It’s just how things work. But this time, the boy started talking to me by himself. I probably looked funny because I was so surprised about that. He asked me how to go to the Maple avenue. That’s where I was heading to… so I told him to follow me and so did he. When we walked all the way to Maple avenue after using some shortcut, our shoes were bit dirty but both of us didn’t care, perhaps it looked like the boy was enjoying it. I asked him his address and escorted him there, little bit expecting his parent to give some money to me for helping their child. But the first look his parent gave me, shocked me so much, because the look the woman gave me was so freezing, I almost thought she weren’t human. Of course the boss at my work sometime give me a cold look when I make mistakes, but I have never seen a look like that. I said good morning ma’am but probably I mumbled because the woman who seems to be the boy’s mother said what with a confusing look on her face and then she said to go away and not to stick to their child. I told the boy’s mother that I helped him because he was lost. Now she understood my but the look she give me didn’t change. I was freezing to death from that look so I just left without saying anything else, and that’s when I thought, probably wealthy people don’t think we are human, instead, they think we are something that gives them calamity.

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