My house

My parents and I, are standing in front of our new house, and the thing about it is that we own the house by ourselves. No one is going to interrupt us from sleeping, and that’s because the owner of our house gave us everything we need to live. Therefor, we got enough foods and place to sleep there, even though we had to work hard all day. While my parents were working, I secretly worked at factory in the town. They paid me enough so I can live by myself but still I stayed with my parents so we could buy house someday.

4 years have passed since the day I started working at the factory where they used new machines to weave, and all the money we saved and hid, so our boss is not going to find out that we are saving money, the amount of them were becoming enough for us to buy our own house. That’s when my parents decided to move out of the place we lived in and buy our new house. Our owner asked so much questions but we kept our mouse shut and at last he gave up, and let us go. We first went to buy the house and we were so excited about it. My mother even greeted to almost everyone on the road because of excitement she can’t hide. People probably thought she was crazy. We went straight to the shop where they sell houses, and bought a best one we could buy, and that’s why family and I are standing in front of my new house, so excited to have a new life.

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